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Unwind – Indica THC Vape Cartridge

King Harvest Unwind vape cartridge is a Cannabis Indica THC rich therapy that can be used for a wide array of symptoms and diagnoses. Pain management and mood balancing 100% organic flower-only oil derived from heavy purple indica Relaxation and well-being, while providing deep healing from within Sedating and euphoric effects Relief from insomnia, chronic pain, inflammation, or anxiety Relieves the body of anxiety and pain while restoring the ability to rest Recommended for those who are suffering from painful and chronic conditions who need strong combinational pain management therapies

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
That much needed quick ahhh

This vape will give you the ahh feeling you need until a tincture kicks in or until you relax from anxiety. I use it for chronic nerve pain until tincture kicks in or on some days without tincture and some days when I overuse the arm.

Great pain/ sleep aid

I can get pain relief from neuropathy as well as aid in sleeping.

Jennifer Trapanick
Recent batch leakage

Already reported on medssnger sent photos and video major leakage with all of them. Clogged my pen got resin on fingers. Otherwise. Your unwind and uplift products are good for my anxiety chronic pain and depression.

Brad Gray

I didn’t order or receive an Indica Vape Cart :(
But I’m sure I would have loved it. ❤️
Peace, Brad

Todd Wheeler

Great product! When I need it ,it's there.