CBD FECO Standard

King Harvest CBD Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) is a flower-only oil with CBD (Cannabidiol) compounds.

Developed initially for severe pain and inflammation, the ultra-potent, high CBD FECO or Cannabidiol Oil uses CBD-dominant plant strains known to have healing effects in even the most demanding situations.

Full Extract CBD Syringes are effective for relieving many symptoms but are most widely used to stall or reverse some end-stage cancers. The King Harvest CBD FECO for sale is a flower-only full extract derived from the ACDC strain.

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Customer Reviews

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CBD feco oil

I had a small raised mole that was really itchy on my neck.. I put some of the cbd feco oil on it maybe 3x.
Finished the oil, as purchased it to take orally for pain...to my surprise the crusty little mole is gone! Wow.Did not expect that incredible result.

Dan Ray
Really helps my chronic pain

Jeff and his team have been very patient as my wife has begun to try medical cannabis to treat her chronic back pain that arose from us being hit by a driver that failed to stop at a stop sign.

Tessa Diltz
Great for insomnia

Love the FECO CBD standard oil, it really knocks my butt out, yet im still able to wake up with no fogginess whatsoever . I was wondering how many mg is this CBD?

Helped my dog to be out of pain

“My French Bulldog, Angel, injured her back left leg the night before Christmas Eve! She couldn’t put any weight on her leg at all, it was causing her pain. It was so difficult for her to go potty. Angel was getting so stressed over this and I was beyond upset. Our vet was closed for the next 4 days! I didn’t want to take her to the emergency vet and not be able to go in with her. That would have caused her even more stress. Thankfully I had a consult a few months prior with one of the KH reps, Peter, who was extremely knowledgeable and after going over my concerns and my girl's medical issues he suggested CBD FECO. I started her on a dose the size of a pin drop as soon as she injured herself and after the first dose she wasn’t in pain and wasn’t hiking her leg up. She wasn’t anxious and was able to go potty without discomfort and sleep comfortably too. Not only is it helping with the pain, but it’s also helping with any inflammation and gut inflammation due to stress. If you are a pet owner, I highly recommend having FECO or any of the KH products in your emergency kit for everyday use for inflammation and other medical conditions. A really takes the time and truly cares about your pet's medical conditions. Thank you KH, you really helped my Angel!!" - D.G.