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King Harvest Flower

King Harvest specializes in the healthy delivery of medical cannabis and cannabinoids. For our patients, when it comes to dealing with painful symptoms, sometimes powerful relief is needed and it’s needed fast. Inhalation of cannabis offers instant medicine delivery for immediate relief and it’s often very valuable when it’s necessary to “feel better” before one can begin to heal. Often overlooked as a legitimate way of medicating we have found that smoking may provide immediate benefit to patients who are really suffering.

What are CBD Pre-Rolls?

CBD pre-rolls are a uniquely convenient way to experience the instant effects of CBD. As the name suggests, CBD pre-rolled joints are flower joints that have already been rolled for your convenience and are ready to use straight out of the package. As with any CBD product, there are a lot of benefits associated with CBD pre-rolls, however, the main benefit always comes down to the product being super convenient.

Who Are Pre-Rolls For?

Our Pre-rolls are for any patient looking for instant symptom relief while oral medicines are waiting to take effect. Anyone looking for an alternative to western medicines, pharmaceuticals, and alcohol for recreation. If you’re someone who struggles with rolling your own joints, then CBD pre-rolled joints are for you. If you’re someone who loves convenience, then CBD pre-rolls are for you. Many customers who do a lot of traveling also love the portability of pre-rolls. Small and discrete, CBD pre-rolls are easy to keep on your person and pull out on the fly.

In addition, there are many tobacco consumers who have struggled to decrease their nicotine intake and pre-rolls may help to combat nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Many smokers have developed an oral fixation over long-term use and lighting up a pre-roll joint may help to satisfy that craving.

Shop Pre Rolled CBD Joints

At King Harvest, each CBD pre-roll is filtered and rolled skillfully by hand to ensure that it is free from blockages. We offer three flavor and potency options to suit your particular needs. As all King Harvest products, our CBD joints are flower-only, 100% organic, lab-tested, and strain-specific. If you have questions or would like some help placing your order, speak to one of our CBD consultation specialists!