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Do tinctures really work?

Even though they function equally as well—and sometimes even better than raw flowers, joints, vapes, edibles, and FECO, tinctures are probably underappreciated. You read that correctly; Tinctures frequently function better for many people than any other cannabis consumption method, including oils, topicals, candies, and chocolates. It actually depends on your personal preferences for consumption and what you require from your cannabis. In comparison to cannabis foods, tinctures also offer certain benefits. Firstly, tinctures have fewer calories than baked items with marijuana. Additionally, tinctures can be stored longer without going bad. In contrast to edibles, tinctures should last for years if stored in a dark, cool cabinet or refrigerator. For individuals who need to be discreet about their treatment, tinctures can be a useful solution. Consuming a tincture is swift and odorless in comparison to smoking or vaporizing.