RSO For Dogs

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

RSO For Dogs

In this Founders Blog post King Harvest founder, Lee Simpson share his insight and experience using cannabis oil and RSO for dogs suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Do Dogs Have an Endocanabinoid System?

Dogs have endocannabinoid systems just like human beings, and just like human pediatrics, the evidence shows that cannabinoids in treating critical illness are hugely successful and need to be studied. 

Dogs are our family, our babies and our most trusted companions, and just like human pediatrics “OF COURSE” we don’t want to get our kids high. But if we are talking about dealing with critical illness like cancer or if we are faced with considering toxic chemical options available from pharmacology then the responsible administration or “micro dosing” of medical cannabis does have its place. 

Can You Use RSO for Dogs?

Our studies show that even with later stage cancers, as many as 63 out of hundred canine patients using cannabis oil will obtain a status of “NED“ or no evidence of original diagnosis of disease or cause the cancer to become chronic but no longer life threatening when following a properly made medical cannabis oil protocol and using RSO for dogs.

RSO for Dogs with Cancer

Much like in human pediatrics the use of RSO for dogs is often an alarming concept because of what we understand about the “narcotic” aspect of cannabis. However, under strict supervision and when using a “micro dosing” model, the success of canine cancer patients receiving  appropriate medical cannabis oil protocols is staggering.

Similar with humans, effectiveness of RSO for dogs and cats can achieve a higher success rate (>63%) when combined with dietary changes, supplements, etc. In most cases cannabis provides a life-changing benefit by reducing inflammation which helps with pain management and for slowing onset cancers. It should also be noted that there isn’t any contraindication with western pharmacology and that cannabis oils such as RSO and FECO is highly regarded to protect patients from the harmful side effects of many western treatments. 

RSO for Dogs

Do Vets Recommend RSO for Dogs?

The success of RSO for dogs has been the first hand experience of our professional team over the last ten years.  Although this success it’s “anecdotal” our group of King Harvest Wellness dosing specialists works directly with veterinarians, doctors, shelters and hospitals  who have often refer patients directly to our team.

It is in this post and forum I wanted to start to help people find answers to the mountains of confusing questions or claims.

Testimonials of RSO for Dogs

With all this being said, we would love to hear your story. What experiences have you had with treating your puppies and kittens with cannabis? 

I am the founder of a little clinic in California called King Harvest Wellness where we have successfully used a micro dosing method to treat thousands of animals with cannabis oils. I’m curious if anyone else in this community has had a similar experience? 

Cannabis being toxic for dogs is a myth that has been quickly dispelled – I’m hoping to foster an open discussion about how this applies to most animals, answer questions about dosing, or even help people make and grow the medicines for themselves.

How To Buy RSO for Dogs Online

What other questions do you have?

Western Medicine & RSO for Dogs

FECO and RSO has been a HUGE benefit to our furry friends and cannabis had always been a traditional part of the doctors medicine kit up until about 100 years ago. We make no claim that cannabis oils should be used “instead of” western medicines. Rather, we believe that cannabis should work in harmony with veterinary medicine. When used in combination, patients get the best of both worlds and the cannabinoids protect patients form the toxicity from western treatments. 

Our devoted Southern California team is committed to working alongside you to develop custom comprehensive care plans that perfectly aligns with your dog’s unique needs. As your partner in this journey, we stand ready to support, adjust, and refine your companion’s pathway to wellness as their needs evolve. With King Harvest Wellness, you’re not just choosing a remedy; you’re selecting a lifelong ally in your dog’s journey to health and happiness.

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How To Buy RSO for Dogs Online