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Patient Testimonials & Success Stories

This is my lifeline, it is the only thing I have found thus far that touches my chronic back pain and fibromyalgia. Thanks So Much!!!

Yvonne King

Great product

John Touchton

My son has been on this for nearly 1 year for epilepsy after a TBI. His doctor wrote him a script for medical use and referred us to King Harvest. King Harvest worked with us to find the correct dosage. It has reduced his seizures from 3-4 x weekly to having a seizure only every 3-4 months. This is a blessing and a GOD Send for us! He uses the SATIVA once daily in the morning and the INDICA ( both 3 to 1) at night so he can sleep. It has also reduced his depression considerably.

Rhonda Shannon

I heard about this product thru a friend and it has helped several people with cancer and pain. My father is terminally ill with cancer and I am a true believer that this product will help him.

Gail Mizobe

This product is smooth, I didn’t have a huge transition moment where I felt super altered. Thank you Lee & Bridget for selecting such great cultivars for UPLIFT & UNWIND. I’d like to highlight that the cultivars you chose have excellent…manners! Do you know what I mean? These amazing gummies took me on pleasant rides. But then the real work could happen! I applied my first ever full-spectrum CBD salve on a chronically sore back and neck. The gummies took the edge off enough to allow me to deeply stretch for the first time in over a year. Thank you Lee and Bridget for your incredible attention to detail.

Jim J

This product works great for me because I have a low tolerance for THC. I suffer from FMS since the early ’90s and pain killers only put me to sleep to only wake up to the same pain and drowsiness. This product taken after 8 pm removes my pain, helps me sleep through the night, and wake up able to focus and work. I also do not grind in my sleep as much and I’m doing it less and less. I also stretch and sit in positions I could not before because of hip pain. One pull and I feel it moving through my veins. It seems to have removed some of the inflammation. The only issue I’ve noticed is when it is wearing off I get a headache. My medical specialist says to just take more and the headache will go away but I don’t want to get hooked on it. I only want it for pain. Maybe I should be hooked because it is the only relief I’ve had in over 20 years after retiring from the military. I’m happy there is finally something that works! Thank you king harvest!

Mizz J

After years and years of searching for severe nephropathy relief, our physician recommended this product. It doesn’t stop all the pain but the amount of relief I am getting is amazing. My wife and I are able to do things we haven’t been able to in years. Highly recommended.

Marty Higgins

King Harvest has helped me so much with advice, great service, and an awesome product. Thanks, guys especially my guy S.C.

Cliff Royal

I recently had total knee replacement surgery of my left knee on September 22nd. I was not getting any pain relief and I was prescribed: Gabapentin, 325 Aspirin, 10/325 Percocet, and Methocarbamol. In addition to the severe pain, I was unable to sleep and severely sleep-deprived. I was unable to get any of my doctors to call me back and my blood pressure was now rising to stroke levels. One of my friends suggested cannabis. Out of desperation, I placed my first order of Kings Harvest. I’m still learning about the appropriate dosing, but it has helped with taking the edge off the pain and has helped me somewhat get some sleep.

Michelle Kay

I started using the oil my Hypertension and Anxiety levels are more moderate and enable me to peacefully live my day. Also, provides me with a healthy appetite that was lacking before. Insomnia is not as severe, I sleep considerably better. I use King Harvest products daily to maintain the Personal Wellness I'm enjoying. Thank You! Have a Blessed day!

John Goodman

My name is Paige, I suffer from Cyclic vomiting syndrome, extreme gastroparesis, and multiple severe spinal injuries. I use the King Harvest 3:1 FECO and the FECO high test. With my issues, I usually have no appetite and when I *do* eat, I swell/bloat large enough to rip out my belly ring and I wind up looking like I'm about to give birth. With the FECO, I'm able to eat more than just a bite or 2, the swelling is tremendously less noticeable and the act of eating doesn't put me in excruciating pain. Since I've started using it I've even been able to gain about 13 pounds, which may not seem like much - but if I lose 47 more pounds, I have to go into a feeding tube. The King Harvest products are giving me back a small quality of life, and I can't be more thankful. You guys have made an enormous difference in my life with just 2 syringes, and I am so happy my doctor gave me your information.

Paige Hendrix

This is my beautiful boy Loki and his beautiful son Romeo! Back in August, I studded Loki out for pick of the litter. Which turned out to be a blessing! A month later I found out Loki has cancer. At first, we noticed the lymph nodes in his neck were swollen so we took him to his normal vet. She performed a biopsy on him and verified that our baby has cancer. Not only did I go back for a 2nd opinion, but I went back for a 3rd and a 4th. No one wants this kind of bad news. I jokingly would tell my baby, “ you’re a pit bull, you are a warrior, this is not over”! However, I feel like I was having a meltdown! I had so many decisions to make on his well-being and such a little time to make these big decisions! Luckily I was directed to King Harvest! King Harvest has been a godsend for us! Just a few short months ago my baby was lethargic and lifeless and now he is youthful and so full of energy! Also, he is here to raise his son! We started Loki on the synergy packet and have recently added the FECO syringe to his nighttime routine! We could not be happier with the product or the customer service that King Harvest gives us!

Melissa Ard

I have non- Hodgkin's lymphoma and I took the cancer protocol a few years ago and I take Synergy Pm,1:1 every night and my 2 remaining tumors are shrinking and one disappeared completely. I am convinced that your cannabis products have been a perfect companion to my healing.

Paula Conrad

I was going to wait a month before I shared my results…but I have shown such a significant improvement since taking the KH tinctures I have to shout it from the rooftop!! I primarily take CBD every 4-6 hrs/day, one drop of the Sativa once during the day and 2 drops of the Indica at night. I have reduced my pain meds, I am slowly coming out of a zombie state of mind, and for the first time in I don’t know how long I feel truly cognizant, alert, motivated, energetic and about 75%pain-free. My headaches have pretty much disappeared and I am moving more!!! I CANNOT believe it, I had always prayed and hoped to feel better “someday” but not this quickly. Lee Simpson, I am so thankful to you, there are no words to express my sincere gratitude.

Ana P

This is officially my 2nd flu season WITHOUT a flu shot and WITHOUT illness! My family members in the household have both been ill, but I’m doing great – Hi Ho CO!

Leah F

After a little over 2 years of Cannabis Oil therapy after 18 years of Lyme and 40 years of Epstein-Barr Virus, I am going into remission!!! Cannabis oil saved my life!

Cynthia G

Even though I’m having various symptoms from a very long battle (over 40 years) with misdiagnosed Lyme (until 2006), I have never had such great lab results, cardiac testing results, GI scoping results, and more!! I have to credit Cannabis Oil because it’s the first time I’ve seen improvements like these on paper. Tangible. And that, my friends, is really worth looking at.

Amy R

I was bedridden for 6 years with Lyme disease symptoms since childhood about 40 years – Cannabis, using it in different forms has helped so much that I no longer have Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, irritable bowel, or migraines.

Donna H

I just want to say I have been taking FECO since June of last year, and it has helped me get off of Trazidone which I had been on for close to 5 years, now I am sleeping so much better…. I suffer from PTSD and Severe Depression disorder, but through the use of oil I am getting my life back and am seeing the effects it is making on my personality and pleasures that I see interacting with my family and friends…

Joe M

My dog Buddy was 2 years old when he was diagnosed with epilepsy last March. Since his diagnosis, he has suffered from grand mal seizures approximately every 6 to 10 days. About once every two months he would have cluster seizures meaning he would have at least two or more grand mall seizures in a 24 hour period. It was while Buddy was in the hospital that I was put in touch with this collective and with Lee. Buddy was able to start on the oil as soon as he came from the hospital. Right away, my husband and I saw that Buddy’s anxiety level has greatly decreased. He just became a more relaxed mellow dog, but still very much himself. He didn’t seem high or medicated, just happier, more relaxed and most astonishingly seizure free. In fact, Buddy did not have another grand mall for 60 days. This is far beyond what the doctors told us we could expect with the medications he was given. One of the things I love about working with Lee is that he is always available if I have questions about the product or dosing. I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that putting Buddy on the oil has given him his life back and has greatly relieved our anxieties around his illness too. The healing properties are incredible!

Ashley N

I had Basal Cell Carcinoma on my chest and I was putting the FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil) on it nightly and covering it, and well it’s…..GONE!!! I am also taking it for my brain tumor (GBM stage 4). In July, my MRI said there was an 8mm ring enhancement and in November nothing! Oh, I also got off my pain meds and anxiety meds as well!

Bekki R

(As written by member’s daughter-in-law) This was an aggressive Neuroendocrine carcinoma. Treated with radiation, chemo and cannabis oil. These MRIs were done 3 months apart. The doctors are also amazed!!


And they say I have MS. With the medicine I can do anything. LOL…. Thanks Lee for helping me!!!!

Rick C

Hi, I have just about finished my 1st try of your ac/dc. I can’t believe the help with my relapsing MS, PTSD, and fibromyalgia. I do believe I am ready to try the next level of oil. Please contact me as soon as you can to help me acquire your amazing medicine in the next dose up. I have cut back on the western meds that were killing me faster. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE!


I was diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma (mycosis fungoides) in Nov 2013. Treatment began immediately which consisted of using cortisone creams on rashes and getting light treatments 3 times a week. After several months, tumors appeared that required radiation. Light treatments stopped and I was given Acetritin (75 mg. daily), a psoriasis medication, to control tumor formation. After much research, I decided to try cannabis oil in addition to the prescribed medication to see if it could at least strengthen my immune system. Lee told me that I was the first patient with this rare cancer he had worked with, but recommended the protocol usually used for cancer patients. Rather than using FECO for 90 days I chose to use it for 120 days. For maintenance, I take Synergy in the morning and CBD and Unwind at night. Although no more tumors appeared after starting the Acetritin, the side effects were horrible (peeling skin, hair loss, sticky skin, toe and fingernail issues, and more). Nine months ago the Dr. decided I should take a break from the medication, after witnessing my heel peel off in her office. No tumors have reappeared. I am convinced that cannabis oil has helped me immensely. I sun several times a week, take tinctures and use cortisone creams if a rash appears. Although I started at Stage 2B, I have maintained Stage 1A since getting off the prescription medication. The customer support offered by King Harvest has been phenomenal. Knowing Bridget is just a phone call away was so reassuring when I was in the process of fine tuning dosages. Thank you, King Harvest!!

Rae S

I have Hashimoto’s disease and adrenal fatigue, and I’ve had severe insomnia for 25 years. The only thing that worked to help me sleep was 1mg of Xanax, but then I tried CBD oil. I started with a more popular brand, but it didn’t help hardly at all. I switched to King Harvest’s 3-bottle protocol: Uplift, Restore, and Unwind. It reduced inflammation, my face/hands and legs are less puffy, and I can fall asleep and stay asleep when I take the CBD oil every day. I also use a few drops of Unwind throughout the day if necessary to help with anxiety and stress. I am now almost completely off the Xanax and looking forward to continued improvement in my symptoms. Thank you, King Harvest!


I have always been afraid to use cannabis for my anxiety. When I was a teenager I would get high and experience really bad panic attacks. I heard about King Harvest from a friend and when I spoke to Lee, he explained the difference between Sativa and Indica. I tried the Unwind oil and my anxiety very quickly decreased. When I feel a panic attack coming, I use the Unwind vape. The Unwind works so well, I can even use the Sativa without getting anxious. Best part is that I no longer have the side effects that come from anti-anxiety pills. Thanks, King Harvest!

Hannah S

After so many scammers online offering cannabis oil and products I almost gave up hope on cannabis. I luckily came upon KH and spoke to Lee. He sounded legit, listened to me and really wanted to help and gave me a quote. I took his info down thinking this is another scam. He gave me a 61% chance of putting cancer in remission. I decided to go ahead and order and take a chance. Once I received the medicine he assigned me my dosing nurse, Katie. She walked me thru all of the oils, what they are and how to use them properly. She called me every Monday to check how my dog was doing, how I was doing, increasing the doses and walked me thru every step. I bugged her so many times since I never used any sort of cannabis, and she was always there text away! Thank you, Katie, please bear with me )) always comforting and understanding. As of my dog’s history, she’s a nine-year-old Shih Tzu. She got diagnosed May 17 with breast cancer. Chemoradiation or surgery wasn’t an option for her because it had spread to her lungs. Veterinarian gave me 3 months for her to live. When I brought her home that day she didn’t want to eat her food. She was breathing hard, lethargic and my heart was breaking. Veterinarian gave us tramadol for pain but that didn’t do anything. I knew she wouldn’t last 3 months. She was in such bad condition that night. My world and hers was ending. That’s when my medicine came. She started eating again, breathing normally and playing. She was my Bexter again. She was not in pain and agony. It has been 5 months now and November 17th should be 6 months of her initial diagnosis. Even though cancer didn’t go into remission, Bexter’s life is back. I hope and pray I have many more months and years with her. I had spoken to my veterinarian a few weeks ago as well and she was surprised she was still alive. She simply said wow… offered pain killers if I needed and then offered her services to put her down when I’m ready… This is not my final letter to you guys as Bexter is a very happy puppy and so not ready to leave her momma and sister behind.

Darya P

I suffer from diabetes and insomnia. The FECO oil recommended by Lee has really helped me sleep through the night. The research about FECO lowering glucose levels for diabetics looks very promising. I’m looking forward to testing this for myself especially since the research said that in double-blind studies glucose levels dropped on average 17 points. Here’s a way for the FECO oil to get into the system faster by at least 1/2 hour. Since the oil is fat soluble, eat a little fatty food after putting the drops in your mouth. Try some avocado or guacamole, humus, peanut butter, or nuts. These will also get rid of the taste of the oil.

Peter J

We found King Harvest and got our dog, Damo, started on THC & CBD tinctures and FECO (full extract cannabis oil). We also started prednisone to assist in halting any tumor growth in order to build up his THC dosing and eventually ween him off prednisone (which we are currently almost completely weened and showing no decline of energy which is great). Our consultant, Peter, was a literal godsend, he sent us over an entire regimen of everything that we could start doing right away to start healing him- He got a suppository 2/3 full EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for the last 7 weeks. The normal protocol could have been 1x a week if that’s all we were financially capable of, but we knew it was life and death situation so we asked for the highest dosing we could possibly do, and that right there is how a dog with cancer enters remission in just 6 weeks. DAMIEN IS CANCER FREE!!!!!


Thank you all at King Harvest! My vet recommended that my 12-year-old English Bulldog be put down in January after finding a large mass in his abdomen. He also began having significant problems with his hind legs and being unable to get off the floor by himself. At 12 years old, I didn’t feel comfortable putting him through exploratory surgery, I felt like that probably would have been the end of the road of him. I order my oils from KH and soon after Bronx could walk normal again and was acting like a younger, sassy him – I loved it. It has been 10 months since I was told putting him to sleep might be my best option… and though I do know I won’t have him forever, I am forever grateful of all this extra time I’ve had with my sweet boy Thank you again!

Megan W

About 4 weeks ago, I was in a motorcycle accident. My knee had a severe hyperextension and it sprang backward. For two days, I wasn’t able to walk or put weight on my knee. On the third day, based on a recommendation, I started to use King Harvest products. I took Restore orally twice a day, and directly applied 2x Blue Emu on my knee. Within 48 hours, the swelling was gone and I could walk! Before long, I was back in action, doing mountain bike rides. When I stopped using the CBD oil, the pain came back. I have had a lot of injuries over the years – sprains and broken bones – and I have never had anything this painful heal that fast. Thank you, King Harvest!

Owen L

I was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma and was on a watch-and-wait protocol. I spoke with the folks at King Harvest and was directed as to what medicine would be right for my needs. I was able to keep the Lymphoma from progressing and it also helped me to sleep much better. I’m now using some of their newer products as maintenance to maintain my health. They have high standards and have great products. I highly recommend King Harvest.

Dianna R

There are only two words needed to describe King Harvest’s products and those words are “best quality “. Is that too much ad hype? Maybe. So, from now on, I’m just going to talk about my own experiences with their products. I’ve been a type 2 diabetic for about 20 years. During that time I’ve developed diabetic neuropathy which affects the nerve endings, particularly in the hands and feet. The sensation feels like both needles and numbness. Once I started using the King Harvest FECO, the pain from the neuropathy started to disappear. As a regular user of FECO, I’m no longer experiencing the neuropathy. The FECO also got rid of other pains in my back and joints. FECO seems to work best after fasting, so I take it about 5 a.m. and it starts to work after about 50 minutes. As I rest in bed experiencing the healing, I feel energy coursing throughout my body repairing all parts. It’s like having a doctor on the inside fixing all kinds of problems – some of which I didn’t realize I had. I totally endorse the King Harvest products.


I’m a longtime back sufferer. King Harvest basically rescued me from a lifetime of pain and suffering. Here are my testimonials. Approximately 20 years ago, I suffered a severe injury to my back. The pressure on my sciatic nerve caused me so much pain that I could barely move. Even trying to find a position without pain was excruciating. The next day it was worse. After that, due to the ever-increasing pain, I was incapacitated. My MRI showed ruptured L4-L5 discs. I was given physical therapy and pain pills, many pain pills. Fortunately for me, I found out about King Harvest products. I ordered the 3:1 THC dominant full extract cannabis oil (FECO). I learned that if I take 1/2 grain (rice grain size) in the morning and 1/2 grain in the evening. I am pain-free! By keeping the dose to 1/2 grain, I avoid the “THC high”. One day, I forgot to take my 1/2 grain in the morning. By the late afternoon, I started feeling pain in my back again. I went home and dosed myself with 1/2 grain of King Harvest FECO. Approximately, 1 hour later, all the pain was gone! Now, this is interesting too. After taking King Harvest FECO, I have found that when I work in the yard or perform any kind of physical task, I feel a radiating warmth moving up my back. There’s this pleasant, gentle, and healing energy flowing through me. This leads me to another enjoyable and surprising side effect of taking King Harvest FECO. I have amazing dream recall. Whereas before, I could hardly remember my dreams, I now remember vivid and colorful dreams. In my opinion, unlike, pharmaceuticals, which only mask the symptoms, the King Harvest products actually heal. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to finally have control over my chronic pain. King Harvest has remarkable and reliable products that allow me to live a normal healthy life again. Thank you, King Harvest.


Josh had just had his 8th birthday when he was diagnosed with B cell lymphoma. He had been sneezing for a few days with swollen lymph nodes under his throat but we assumed he had picked up a cold. The news was devastating. He did also have an intermediate mct on his ear which had been removed 4 years earlier & treated with massivet but grown back. We did not know about cannabis and were told his condition was not curable but could be treated even though B cell is rare and they used treatment from a different type as did not have 1 specifically for his cancer. We were told a maximum life expectancy of 20 months with chemo but on average 6-12 months. We started him on chemo which he did very well on, weekly doses for 28 weeks was what was planned. We actually got to 20 treatments with out any obvious side effects. However disaster struck when he managed to swallow instead of chew a piece of sharp, raw duck wing which tore open his intestine and spleen .(he had two previous intestinal surgeries due to swallowing toys) he was given a 20% chance of surviving. He is a survivor and he did pull through. During his recovery we started to read and hear about medicinal cannabis for cancer and decided we wanted to try it. We got him some oil from king Harvest as soon as he came home from his surgery. We were pretty worried about restarting chemo but decided he would be protected from the oils and to finish the course as he was so close. He actually went into anaphylactic shock and we nearly lost him during the IV chemo. So we stopped the it and have been using the oils ever since. He is approaching his 12th birthday and 4 years since diagnosis and we treasure every moment with him & thank goodness for companies like KH who without, he would definitely not be here. He has a whole host of other issues including joint problems and spondylosis in his spine and the oils really help to ease any pain associated with it too. We also put the oil on his mct topically and it disappears for weeks. One of our other dogs has severe hip dysplasia and was on nsaid’s which weren’t even helping and just causing internal damage, using the tinctures for him has given him a new lease of life and they are both so happy. Both are on a raw meat diet, we use homeopathy and they receive acupuncture as. Massage regularly. We love our boys so much and are so glad we have been able to improve and prolong their time with us.

P P and C P

Unwind does exactly as the name and testimonials suggests. Not only does it ease my anxiety enough for my brain to stop going a mile a minute, but it actually assists in bringing about that sleepy feeling, even when I’m wide awake. I sleep soundly, and wake up feeling refreshed!